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Enable ipv6 for instances on Oracle Cloud


VCN subnet

Enable ipv6

In VCN (Virtal Cloud Networks), find Virtual Cloud Network Details, and click Add IPv6 Prefix. After you confirmed to enable ipv6 support, a new ipv6 segment (/56) will be assigned to you

Add ipv6 to your subnet

and Choose your existing Subnet in Subnet tab and Add IPv6 prefix to your Subnet.

Assign an Oracle allocated IPv6 /64 prefix

Security group

Find Default Security List, then Egress Rules add the following rule to allow ipv6 egress.

::/0    All Protocols

Route Table

Add an ipv6 route rules to target internet gateway.

::/0 Internet Gateway Internet Gateway vcn-************* Static


Type the following command on virtual instance.

curl -6



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