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Event listener in JavaScript


Binding Events

The so-called “event listener” refers to adding an event to an element using the addEventListener () method, which we also call “binding events.”

obj.addEventListener(type, fn, false)
  • type: event type
  • fn: anonymous function
  • false: indicates calling during the event bubbling phase
    <meta charset="utf-8" />
         window.onload = function () {
             var oBtn = document.getElementById("btn");
             oBtn.addEventListener("click", alertMe, false);
             function alertMe() {
                 alert("this is EventListener click 1");
             oBtn.addEventListener("click", function () {
                 alert("this is EventListener click 2")
             }, false);
    <input id="btn" type="button" value="按钮"/>

Both of the following expressions are acceptable:

obj.addEventListener("click", function () {...}, false);
obj.onclick = function () {...};

Removing Events

obj.removeEventListener(type, fn, false);

Example of using jquery

$(function () {
    $('#clickButton').click(function () {
            return res.json();

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