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Modern Monitoring System



Prometheus is an open-source toolkit for system monitoring and alerting, utilizing time series metrics data. Its core component is a server that collects and stores metrics. Prometheus also offers optional components like an alerting tool (Alertmanager) and client libraries for programming languages like Go, which can be used to instrument your applications.

Google Stackdriver

Despite originating from Google, Stackdriver isn’t exclusive to Google Cloud as it also functions with AWS. Capable of collecting, graphing, and alerting on metrics and log data from diverse sources, it automatically discovers and monitors your cloud resources. This includes VMs, databases, and Kubernetes clusters. Stackdriver consolidates all this data into a central web console, enabling you to create custom dashboards and alerts.

AWS Cloudwatch

Cloudwatch, Amazon’s own cloud monitoring product, offers a feature set similar to Stackdriver. It integrates with all AWS services, and you can export custom metrics using the Cloudwatch SDK or command-line tool.

Cloudwatch provides a free tier that lets you gather basic metrics, such as CPU utilization for VMs, at five-minute intervals. It also includes a specific number of dashboards and alarms. Additional costs apply for extra metrics, dashboards, or alarms. You can also opt for high-resolution metrics (at one-minute intervals) on a per-instance basis, which incurs additional charges.

Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor is equivalent to Google’s Stackdriver or AWS Cloudwatch. It collects logs and metrics data from all your Azure resources, including Kubernetes clusters, permitting you to visualize and set alerts on it.


Compared to built-in tools from cloud providers like Stackdriver and Cloudwatch, Datadog is a sophisticated and robust monitoring and analytics platform. It supports integrations with over 250 platforms and services. This includes services from major cloud providers and widely-used software like Jenkins, Varnish, Puppet, Consul, and MySQL.

Other Monitoring Systems

  • falcon
  • nightingale
  • zabbix
  • netdata
  • telegraf+influxdb/kapacitor+chronograph
  • metricbeat+elasticsearch

Dashboard Platform

  • granafa
  • graphite
  • zeppelin
  • kibana
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