Hadoop Default Port


Component Daemon Port Configuration Description
HDFS DataNode 50010 dfs.datanode.address Datanode service port used for data transfer
HDFS DataNode 50075 dfs.datanode.http.address HTTP service port
HDFS DataNode 50475 dfs.datanode.https.address HTTPS service port
HDFS DataNode 50020 dfs.datanode.ipc.address IPC service port
HDFS NameNode 50070 dfs.namenode.http-address HTTP service port
HDFS NameNode 50470 dfs.namenode.https-address HTTPS service port
HDFS NameNode 8020 fs.defaultFS RPC port for client connections used for obtaining filesystem metadata
HDFS journalnode 8485 dfs.journalnode.rpc-address RPC service
HDFS journalnode 8480 dfs.journalnode.http-address HTTP service
HDFS ZKFC 8019 dfs.ha.zkfc.port ZooKeeper FailoverController used for NN HA
YARN ResourceManager 8032 yarn.resourcemanager.address RM’s applications manager(ASM) port
YARN ResourceManager 8030 yarn.resourcemanager.scheduler.address IPC port for scheduler component
YARN ResourceManager 8031 yarn.resourcemanager.resource-tracker.address IPC
YARN ResourceManager 8033 yarn.resourcemanager.admin.address IPC
YARN ResourceManager 8088 yarn.resourcemanager.webapp.address HTTP service port
YARN NodeManager 8040 yarn.nodemanager.localizer.address Localizer IPC
YARN NodeManager 8042 yarn.nodemanager.webapp.address HTTP service port
YARN NodeManager 8041 yarn.nodemanager.address Container manager port in NM
YARN JobHistory Server 10020 mapreduce.jobhistory.address IPC
YARN JobHistory Server 19888 mapreduce.jobhistory.webapp.address HTTP service port
HBase Master 60000 hbase.master.port IPC
HBase Master 60010 hbase.master.info.port HTTP service port
HBase RegionServer 60020 hbase.regionserver.port IPC
HBase RegionServer 60030 hbase.regionserver.info.port HTTP service port
Hive Metastore 9083 /etc/default/hive-metastore中export PORT= to update default port
Hive HiveServer 10000 /etc/hive/conf/hive-env.sh中export HIVE_SERVER2_THRIFT_PORT= to update default port
Kerberos Kadmin 749
Kerberos KDC 88
ZooKeeper Server 2181 clientPort= in /etc/zookeeper/conf/zoo.cfg Service port for clients
ZooKeeper Server 2888 server.x=[hostname]:nnnnn[:nnnnn] in /etc/zookeeper/conf/zoo.cfg, blue part Used by followers to connect to the leader and only listened to by the leader
ZooKeeper Server 3888 server.x=[hostname]:nnnnn[:nnnnn] in /etc/zookeeper/conf/zoo.cfg, blue part Used for leader election and only required when electionAlg is 1, 2, or 3 (default)