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NoSQL system summary and comparison

Colume KV

  • hbase:
  • cassandra:
  • scylladb:
  • hypertable:
  • clickhouse:
  • Bigtable:
  • Vertica:
  • Druid:
  • Accumulo:

Redis compatible

  • redis:
  • KeyDB: KeyDB is a high performance fork of Redis with a focus on multithreading
  • ardb: Ardb is a redis-protocol compatible persistent nosql
  • kvrocks: Kvrocks is an open-source key-value database which is based on rocksdb and compatible with Redis protocol
  • Titan: A distributed implementation of Redis compatible layer based on TiKV
  • codis: Codis is a proxy based high performance Redis cluster solution written in Go
  • pika: Pika is a persistent huge storage service , compatible with the vast majority of redis interfaces
  • ssdb: A high performance NoSQL based on LevelDB and supporting many Redis data structures

Doc DB

  • mongodb:
  • couchdb:

Time Series DB

  • OpenTSDB:
  • influxDB:

Graph DB

  • Neo4j:

Strong consistency KV

  • etcd:
  • zookeeper:
  • TiKV:

other KV

  • Memcached:
  • ZippyDB:
  • Riak:
  • lotusdb: