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Container Runtime Interface (CRI) CLI - crictl

The Crictl utility is a tool for testing Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface (CRI) compliant daemons. The Crictl utility communicates using the CRI protocol to any daemon that provides the CRI interface. Currently CRI-O and containerd provide this. Traditionally, Crictl has been targeted for developer use cases, namely testing, validation, and debugging of container runtimes. But, the Crictl can also be a great tool for administrators trying to diagnose issues in your Kubernetes/CRI-O configuration. Crictl always reports what Kubernetes sees.



crictl  [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


  • attach: Attach to a running container
  • create: Create a new container
  • exec: Run a command in a running container
  • version: Display runtime version information
  • images, image, img: List images
  • inspect: Display the status of one or more containers
  • inspecti: Return the status of one or more images
  • imagefsinfo: Return image filesystem info
  • inspectp: Display the status of one or more pods
  • logs: Fetch the logs of a container
  • port-forward: Forward local port to a pod
  • ps: List containers
  • pull: Pull an image from a registry
  • run: Run a new container inside a sandbox
  • runp: Run a new pod
  • rm: Remove one or more containers
  • rmi: Remove one or more images
  • rmp: Remove one or more pods
  • pods: List pods
  • start: Start one or more created containers
  • info: Display information of the container runtime
  • stop: Stop one or more running containers
  • stopp: Stop one or more running pods
  • update: Update one or more running containers
  • config: Get and set crictl client configuration options
  • stats: List container(s) resource usage statistics
  • completion: Output bash shell completion code
  • help, h: Shows a list of commands or help for one command