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tmux hotkey cheatsheet


Tmux is a terminal multiplexer that enables users to have multiple terminal sessions running within the same window. It allows users to split the window, switch between sessions, detach and reattach to sessions, and many other functions. One of the most powerful features of Tmux is its hotkey system. In this blog post, we will go over some of the most commonly used Tmux hotkeys to help you become more efficient and productive in your terminal sessions.

Tmux Hotkey Cheatsheet

Session Management Hotkeys

  • tmux new -s [session-name] - Create a new Tmux session with a name
  • tmux attach -t [session-name] - Reattach to an existing Tmux session
  • tmux switch -t [session-name] - Switch to a different Tmux session
  • tmux detach - Detach from the current Tmux session

Window Management Hotkeys

  • Ctrl-b c - Create a new window
  • Ctrl-b w - List all windows
  • Ctrl-b n - Switch to the next window
  • Ctrl-b p - Switch to the previous window
  • Ctrl-b , - Rename the current window
  • Ctrl-b & - Close the current window

Pane Management Hotkeys

  • Ctrl-b % - Split the current pane into two vertical panes
  • Ctrl-b “ - Split the current pane into two horizontal panes
  • Ctrl-b arrow key - Switch to the pane in the specified direction
  • Ctrl-b x - Close the current pane
  • Ctrl-b z - Toggle between zooming in and out of the current pane

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