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Mercurial is a free, distributed source control management tool. It efficiently handles projects of any size and offers an easy and intuitive interface.

Mercurial is a distributed version control system that is designed to manage source code, documents, and other types of computer files. It is free and open source software that was initially released in 2005 and is widely used by developers, software engineers, and project managers. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Mercurial, its features, and applications in the software development process.

It is fast and powerful

Mercurial efficiently handles projects of any size and kind. Every clone contains the whole project history, so most actions are local, fast and convenient. Mercurial supports a multitude of workflows and you can easily enhance its functionality with extensions.

It is easy to learn

You can follow our simple guide to learn how to revision your documents with Mercurial, or just use the quick start to get going instantly. A short overview of Mercurial’s decentralized model is also available.

And it just works

Mercurial strives to deliver on each of its promises. Most tasks simply work on the first try and without requiring arcane knowledge.

Quick Start

Clone a project and push changes

hg clone
cd hello
(edit files)
hg add (new files)
hg commit -m 'My changes'
hg push

Create a project and commit

hg init (project-directory)
cd (project-directory)
(add some files)
hg add
hg commit -m 'Initial commit'


Mercurial is a powerful and versatile tool for software development teams looking to improve their collaboration, performance, and efficiency. With its streamlined collaboration features, high performance, and cross-platform compatibility, Mercurial is an excellent choice for managing source code, documents, and other computer files. As the world of software development continues to evolve, Mercurial is sure to remain a valuable tool for developers, software engineers, and project managers alike.



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