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Colima - container runtimes on MacOS

Colima的名字取自Container on LimaLima是一个虚拟机工具,可以实现自动的文件共享、端口转发以及containerdColima实际上是通过 Lima启动了名为colima的虚拟机,使用虚拟机中的containerd作为容器运行时。


brew install colima


colima delete # delete existing instance
colima start

docker ps
docker pull busybox
docker images

limactl list
limactl shell colima uname -a
colima ssh

colima --help
colima start --help


On initial startup, Colima initiates with a user specified runtime that defaults to Docker.

### Docker
brew install docker

### Containerd
colima start --runtime containerd

colima nerdctl ps
colima nerdctl container run nginx

### Kubernetes
colima start --kubernetes

Customizing the VM

colima start --cpu 4 --memory 16

Project homepage


  1. License under CC BY-NC 4.0
  2. Copyright issue feedback, replace # with @
  3. Not all the commands and scripts are tested in production environment, use at your own risk
  4. No privacy information is collected here
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