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Colima - container runtimes on MacOS


Colima is a container runtime for MacOS that allows developers to run containers natively on their Macs. It makes use of the native virtualization technology on MacOS, Hypervisor.framework, to run containers.

With Colima, developers can easily run containers locally on their Macs, without having to go through the hassle of setting up a virtual machine or a complex container environment. Colima is also compatible with Docker, which makes it easy for developers to use their existing Docker workflows on MacOS.


# Homebrew
brew install colima

# MacPorts
sudo port install colima


colima delete # delete existing instance
colima start

docker ps
docker pull busybox
docker images

limactl list
limactl shell colima uname -a
colima ssh

colima --help
colima start --help


On initial startup, Colima initiates with a user specified runtime that defaults to Docker.

### Docker
brew install docker

### Containerd
colima start --runtime containerd

colima nerdctl ps
colima nerdctl container run nginx

### Kubernetes
colima start --kubernetes

Customizing the VM

colima start --cpu 4 --memory 16
colima start --cpu 1 --memory 2 --disk 10
colima stop
colima start --cpu 4 --memory 8
colima start --arch aarch64 --vm-type=vz --vz-rosetta

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