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Subscribe Linux Kernel Mail List


Subscribe Linux Kernel Mail List

(1) Sent mail to with content containing the following infomation

subscribe linux-kernel

(2) Receive a confirmation email from Majordomo with Subject of Confirmation for subscribe linux-kernel and contents as follows:


Someone (possibly you) has requested that your email address be added
to or deleted from the mailing list "".

If you really want this action to be taken, please send the following
commands (exactly as shown) back to "":

 auth 1*****2 subscribe linux-kernel

If you do not want this action to be taken, simply ignore this message
and the request will be disregarded.

If your mailer will not allow you to send the entire command as a single
line, you may split it using backslashes, like so:

        auth 1*****2 subscribe linux-kernel \

If you have any questions about the policy of the list owner, please
contact "".


(3) Confirm with auth code by reply the email with content as follows:

auth 1*****2 subscribe linux-kernel

Unsubscribe Linux Kernel Mail List

To get off a list, use following as the only content of your letter

unsubscribe linux-kernel


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