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Hands-on Generate your own AI QR code online in 30 Minutes


Step 1: Generate your own QR code

Generate QR code with your own text or messages on


Then download the original QR image.


Step 2: Upload QR image to discord server

Join discord server and upload your QR image to the server on #paste-bin channel.

Right click the image you upload and copy the image link.


Step 3: Prompt the Quick QR Art Bot to generate your own AI QR image

Go to one of the pixelml-bot-1 - pixelml-bot-5 channel and input the following prompt with / and finish prompt with your own imagination.


for example:

/generate prompt:coffee and chair with sunshine


Step 4: Download your own AI QR image

After the Quick QR Art Bot finished the generation, you can find your AI QR image in the channel with mention.


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