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Funny command line browser Lynx



When it comes to surfing the web, most of us think of using a graphical web browser like Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. But did you know that there is also a command line web browser called Lynx? Yes, you heard it right! Lynx is a text-based browser that can be used in the terminal. It may sound old-school, but Lynx still has a loyal following and is known for its simplicity and speed.

Lynx may not have the fancy graphics or animations of modern web browsers, but it makes up for it in its simple and intuitive navigation. When you first open Lynx, you’ll see a list of links on the page. You can navigate through the links using the arrow keys on your keyboard. To select a link, simply press enter. Lynx will then load the page associated with that link. To go back to the previous page, press the left arrow key. You can also navigate to a specific URL by typing it into the address bar at the top of the screen.


apt install lynx
## or
yum install lynx



Lynx Easter Eggs

One of the funniest things about Lynx is its hidden Easter eggs. If you type the command “lynx -version” in the terminal, you’ll see a list of developers’ names. But if you type “lynx -about” instead, you’ll be treated to a hilarious ASCII art animation of a Lynx cat running across the screen. And if you really want to have a laugh, try typing “lynx -crawl” to see a bunch of crawling bugs on your screen. These Easter eggs may not be useful, but they sure are entertaining!

Lynx for Accessibility

While Lynx may not be the most visually appealing browser, it does have some practical uses. Since it’s a text-based browser, it’s very accessible for people with visual impairments or disabilities that prevent them from using a mouse. It also loads quickly and uses very little bandwidth. Additionally, Lynx can be useful for developers who need to test the accessibility of their websites.


In conclusion, Lynx may not be the most popular web browser out there, but it certainly has its advantages. It’s simple, fast, and accessible. And let’s not forget about the fun Easter eggs! Whether you’re a developer, accessibility advocate, or just looking for a new browsing experience, give Lynx a try. Who knows, you may just fall in love with its simplicity.

Image of Lynx

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